Baked Sea Salt Pita Chips

9oz. bag

Enriched wheat flour Water
Sugar Yeast
Calcium Proprionate Salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Canola Oil
Sea Salt

Bekká Valley's Baked Sea Salted Pita Chips are the perfect compliment to our hummus and garlic dip. Each chip is hand cut and then hand tossed in our signature seasonings so that each chip is guaranteed to be packed with flavor. Then the pita chips are baked(never fried) to a golden brown color. Finally, as the pita chips are cooling, we finish them off with just the right amount of sea salt to create the perfect pita chip. These chips are not only great for enjoying our hummus and garlic dip, but they are also a great crispy compliment to a crisp fresh salad, dressed with our Fattoush dressing.

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